Dónde comer arroz en Málaga
Where to eat rice in Malaga

If you are looking for where to eat rice in Malaga, or if you are interested in knowing the rice restaurants in the city, you will be surprised to discover one of the culinary jewels of Malaga: rice.

With a record increase of tourists during the summer, it is the perfect time to experience the city’s incredible gastronomy, especially its star dish, rice.

Tasting paella in Malaga: the best option for enjoying rice

In Malaga there are a large number of rice restaurants that offer a variety of delicious paella dishes for all tastes, from the most traditional to the most avant-garde.

For tourists looking for a unique gastronomic experience in Malaga, there is nothing like visiting a rice restaurant in the city and enjoying a good paella. In these rice restaurants, diners can enjoy a selection of rice dishes or paellas prepared with the freshest ingredients from the region.

Rice is a basic ingredient in Andalusian cuisine and is used in a wide variety of typical dishes of the region. In Malaga, rice is a fundamental ingredient of the local gastronomy and is used in the preparation of various traditional dishes.

Where to eat the best paella in Malaga?

The Cambará restaurant, located on Pier One of the Port of Malaga, is renowned for its culinary excellence and its elegant and cozy atmosphere. This establishment offers a wide variety of dishes that combine original and grilled cuisine, standing out especially for its high quality rice dishes. It also has a carefully selected wine list and exceptional customer service. The modern and sophisticated design of its facilities, together with its privileged location overlooking the harbor, make it an ideal choice for enjoying a special dinner or celebrating special occasions.

Cambara’s rice menu is impressive and has a wide variety of options for all tastes. From traditional rice dishes such as rice with chicken and beans or rice with ribs, to more innovative options such as black rice with squid and rice with cheeks and pumpkin.

If you are looking for a unique gastronomic experience in the Muelle uno of the port of Malaga, do not hesitate to visit Cambara and try some of their delicious rice dishes. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

How to get to cambara Restaurant

To get to the Cambara restaurant on Pier one of the port of Malaga and enjoy their rice dishes, you can use different means of transport. If you prefer to go by car, take the Mediterranean highway (A7) and take exit 244 towards Málaga-Este. Then, follow the signs to the Port of Malaga and Pier one. You can also opt for public transportation, taking the bus line 1 to the “Puerto de Málaga” stop and walking a few minutes to the restaurant. Also, if you arrive by boat, the restaurant is located right on Pier one of the port of Malaga.

For both options we leave you a link of how to get to Cambara Restaurant

Other restaurants to eat rice in the center of Malaga

If you are looking for the best rice dishes in Malaga, then you can’t miss to visit Beluga, one of the best rice restaurants in the center of Malaga. . This restaurant run by chef Diego René specializes in the preparation of Malaga rice dishes of the highest quality, combining Andalusian and Mediterranean cuisine in a unique way. Its cozy atmosphere and excellent service make Beluga the perfect place to enjoy a unique dining experience in Malaga.

Another restaurant in Malaga to enjoy delicious and unique rice dishes, you can not miss the restaurant Pez Wanda. This place is known for its fusion cuisine, which combines culinary techniques from different countries, giving its dishes a special and creative touch.

In its menu, you will find a wide variety of rice dishes, from the most classic to the most innovative. In addition, its modern and relaxed atmosphere makes it the ideal place to enjoy a meal with friends or family. I recommend you try it! For more information, visit their website at https://pezwanda.com/.

In short, if you are looking for a unique gastronomic experience during your visit to Malaga, you can’t miss the delicious rice dishes that the city has to offer in the rice restaurants, especially in Cambara Restaurant. Don’t wait any longer to book your table and live an unforgettable culinary experience at Cambara!