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What to see in the province of Malaga

Malaga is the city of the Costa del Sol, a jewel for the most demanding tourists looking for a place to relax on a terrace while enjoying a delicious meal, or simply a cold beer while admiring the endless blue Mediterranean Sea. Well, let me tell you that this experience is possible just by going to Cambara Restaurant. We are waiting for you!

Although it is true that when people think of Malaga they think of the sea and the beach, this wonderful city the beach, this wonderful city offers much more. offers much more. The city also has in its streets and towns art, beauty, tradition and even adventure. From visiting the real Smurf village and monuments more than a thousand years old to trekking through extraordinary mountains and rivers.

Axarquia villages routes in Malaga

Don’t know what to see in Malaga? Do not worry in this guide we will accompany you on a tour of the most extraordinary places in the province so you do not miss anything of this little piece of Eastern Andalusia, so prepare your luggage, sunscreen (very important), sunglasses and a good sneakers that we begin the adventure through the city of the Costa del Sol!

Júzcar, the smurf village

Júzcar, a small and cozy village with little more than 200 inhabitants that does not need the sea thanks to the blue color that stains its streets and houses.

Júzcar, the smurf village

In 2011 was when it was decided to paint the whole town blue, which was an advertising action of the company Sony for the premiere of the movie The Smurfs, and although it was something temporary, they decided to leave it as it was.

This was a great decision as since then there has been a great increase in tourism in this small town, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

Chillar River

Chillar River, Nerja, Malaga

For the more adventurous we bring you an excursion on a trail that crosses a river. Therefore, at the very least you are going to get your feet wet, so don’t forget to wear appropriate footwear.

Chillar River Malaga

The Chillar river is located in the municipality of Nerja, it is a long path, but not very complicated so you can go with the whole family. In this place you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, pools where you can take a dip and splendid waterfalls where you can take a picture with family and friends.

We leave you this link where you can find in detail how to get there and the route you will have to follow so you don’t miss anything.

The torcal of Antequera

The torcal of Antequera

An essential place to see in the province of Malaga, is the torcal of Antequera. A wonderful and unique work of art created by nature that makes you wonder how this could have been built without human intervention.

The torcal of Antequera

The Torcal de Antequera is so special that it has been declared a World Heritage Site. And you may wonder what makes it so unique? Nothing less than the structure that has been formed by the limestone rocks over the years thanks to the effect of erosion.

The screw of the Torcal de Antequera

If you are up for this adventure we leave you the different routes that you can do in this natural place: Rutas del Torcal de Antequera.

The Alcazaba

The palace of the Alcazar of Malaga was built by the Arabs in the time of the Old World, during Al-Andalus. Over the years it was considered a home for many Muslim leaders, while defending and guarding the city.

What to see in Malaga in one day: the Alcazaba of Malaga

This fortress is in very good condition, preserving intact parts. If you visit it you cannot miss its beautiful patios and gardens. Also, from the top you can see the sea.

We recommend that if you decide to take a look at it, you do it through a guided tour, as they will explain the history of each piece of this magnificent fortress. You can book a tour here.

Also while you are in the historic center of Malaga we recommend you stop by the prestigious tapas bar Kraken, where you can satisfy your senses with its famous tapas before soaking up the culture of the city.

We hope this guide will help you discover Malaga and its surroundings to the fullest and enjoy a fun, active and adventurous vacation.