What to see in Malaga at Christmas

If there is something that symbolizes the spirit of Christmas in Malaga is, without a doubt, the city’s Christmas lights. During these dates the capital of the Costa del Sol is organized so that all the alleys and corners of its beautiful streets are illuminated.

Malageño Christmas lighting

Although the icing on the cake is Calle Larios. Every year, hundreds of people, both locals and tourists, wait excitedly in Calle Larios for the lighting of the lights, which marks the beginning of the Christmas season, a period that locals and visitors live with great passion.

And not only the lights take center stage, the Christmas spirit permeates every corner of the streets of Malaga. Christmas trees, wicker figures and thousands of poinsettias are joined by the spectacular nativity scenes that associations and groups of all kinds devotionally set up all over the city.

Below, we will tell you everything you can not miss in the capital of the Costa del Sol during Christmas.

Christmas market

The famous Malaga Christmas market that starts at the end of November offers a wide variety of stalls where you can buy some of the local products of the region.

Famous Malaga Christmas market

It should be noted that each municipality has its own Christmas market. The one in Malaga is located in Muelle Uno very close to the trendy Cambara Restaurant, where you can enjoy a unique experience in a key place through its unique dishes and exotic atmosphere.

Nativity Scene Contests

The municipalities and towns of the province of Malaga celebrate every year in December various Nativity Scene contests. Every year the people of Malaga surprise us more and more with the design of the nativity scenes.

Nativity Scene Contests in Malaga

Undoubtedly the town most involved with this tradition is Fuengirola, which even rent apartments or garages to mount their cribs.

Malaga lighting

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Malaga is characterized by its surprising and striking lights. All municipalities join in this tradition, but specifically Calle Larios in the capital is the protagonist.

Larios street lighting for Christmas in Malaga

From 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., the lighting of the lights begins, accompanied by loud music to spread the Christmas spirit throughout the city.

Hot chocolate with churros

One of the most awaited traditions by all the people of Malaga are the chocolates with churros of Casa Aranda, the most emblematic cafeteria and churrería of Malaga.

chocolate with churros for Christmas in Malaga

During the Christmas season the bars are full of people looking for their ration of churros with chocolate before the street lighting begins.

Christmas sweets

If you have a sweet tooth, then you must visit Malaga during Christmas and taste its famous famous sweets . The pestiños and borrachuelos from Malaga are the sweets par excellence at this time of the year. Both sweets are a vestige of the Arab heritage that was in Malaga for more than 800 years.

From Cambara we hope you have enjoyed this article, we have given you some ideas of what to do during these dates and above all enjoy a beautiful Christmas in this magical city.