La plaza san francisco malaga
Plaza San Francisco Malaga

Malaga is known for having squares that have had a great impact on the history of the city. history of the city And just like the Plaza de la Merced and Plaza Uncibay, the Plaza de San Francisco is one of them. The Plaza de San Francisco is located inside the historic center of the city of Malaga, between Marqués de Valdecañas Street and Eduardo Ocón Street, in the neighborhood of La Goleta.

In today’s post we will talk about the three elements that characterize and make relevant the Plaza de San Francisco and we will tell you how you can get to this square so you can admire these elements in first person, in addition to knowing its history.

How to get to Plaza de San Francisco?

To reach the Plaza de San Francisco we will have to go up Carreterías Street and on the right we will find Marqués de Valdecañas Street at the junction with Eduardo Ocón Street. We can differentiate it from other squares because in the center is a beautiful marble fountain from 1864 that pays homage to the goddess Pomona.

Also noteworthy in the square is the old Maria Cristina Conservatory, which after being restored was renamed ”Maria Cristina Hall” and the Brotherhood of La Paloma, built in the late seventeenth century, is one of the most revered brotherhoods of the Holy Week in Malaga.

Fountain of the goddess Pomona at San Francisco Square

As mentioned above, if this square is known for something by locals and tourists, it is thanks to its beautiful fountain that is located in the center of the square. This is a sculpture made of marble reincarnating the Goddess Pomona.

The goddess Pomona is considered by the Romans, the goddess of fruit and fruit trees in gardens. A goddess who is related to abundance and the flowering of fruits on trees.

María Cristina Room

It is a music auditorium managed by the Unicaja Foundation. It is located where the Franciscan convent of San Luis El Real, a 15th century building that was later disentailed, used to be. Later it became the Artistic and Literary Lyceum of Malaga where numerous concerts of the Philharmonic Society were given. Finally in 1975 the building was bought by Unicaja, and in 2009 it was opened to the public as the music hall we know today.

Brotherhood of La Paloma

In 2020 it was 25 years since the Cofradía de la Paloma changed its canonical seat to the Plaza de San Francisco. This is one of the most popular brotherhoods among the people of Malaga. The brotherhood was founded during the 17th century, and the first Elder Brother was a man from Malaga who was a member of the Order of Calatrava.

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