Diccionario malagueño
Malaga Dictionary

Have you ever talked to a Malagueño and had to interrupt him because you didn’t understand some of his expressions? Don’t worry, this is very common for those who do not belong to the province of Malaga.

The city of the Costa del Sol has a very characteristic speech, there are so many expressions and words that for a tourist it is almost impossible to have a conversation with a local without missing a term.

So, if you are planning to visit Malaga and want to go unnoticed, read on and take note. Although if you want to pass yourself off as an authentic Malagueño, we recommend that you read this guide in the legendary Taberna Andaluza Lolita while you order one of its famous breakfasts accompanied by a Malagueño-style coffee. Watch out! It is very important to remember that there are 9 ways to order coffee in Malaga .

Malaga expressions:

Next, we will show you the main Malaga expressions and their literal translation.

  • Cinnamon/Cinnamon stick: Indicates that something is wonderful.
  • I’m a bird: I’m very cold.
  • Está nikelao/niquelao: It is very clean.
  • No me hagas la pirula: Don’t leave me stranded.
  • No way!
  • Eres un encogio/agarrao: You are stingy.
  • Vamos a hacer la piarda: Let’s not attend class (skip classes).
  • Eres una papafrita: You are unintelligent.
  • Está to’ perita: It’s great.
  • Que pelúa hace: How cold it is.
  • Eonoé: To emphasize what is being said.
  • Novea vieo!: Highlight an event.
  • Jopo: Get out of here.
  • Ven pacá: Come here.

Malaga words:

In this section we will show you the most used Malaga terms and words and their translation:

  • Aliquindoi: To be attentive.
  • Alobao/cuajao/apaguatao: To be stunned.
  • Anca: At the home of.
  • Aro: Sure.
  • Abe: You know.
  • Aplatanao: To have no desire for anything.
  • Apalancao: To be unwilling to move from a place.
  • Apasguatao: To be absent-minded.
  • Boquerón: Malagueño.
  • Down to Malaga: Go to Larios street.
  • Bimbazo: A blow.
  • Bulla: Haste/fight.
  • Bocaná: Lots of air.
  • Caló: Heat.
  • Campero: Ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise sandwich.
  • Canío: To be thin.
  • Chalao: To be crazy.
  • Catrojo: To be redneck.
  • Chorra: Good luck.
  • Chorraera: Slide.
  • Cuajao: To be stunned.
  • Cusha: Listen.
  • Chuminá: Nonsense.
  • Dabuten: Great.
  • Descarmenar: To remove the curls.
  • Encogío: To be stingy.
  • Esnortao/empanao: To be stunned.
  • Esmayao: To be very hungry.
  • Escuchimizao: To be very thin.
  • Foé: Expresses joy or discontent.
  • Flipao: To be astonished.
  • Guantazo: A blow with the open hand.
  • Guiri: Very light-skinned foreigners.
  • Gazpachuelo: Fish and mayonnaise soup.
  • Jiñao: To be scared.
  • Merdellón: To be ordinary.
  • Maharón: To be ”crazy”.
  • Malapipa: Bad temper.
  • Mijilla: Little.
  • Pechá: a lot
  • Perita: Something cool.
  • But: Apple.
  • Petao: To be strong.
  • Poloflan: Flavored ice cream with ice.
  • Roña: Dirt.
  • Romi: Bathroom mirror.
  • Tajá: To be drunk / piece.
  • Tennis: Sneakers.
  • Torroles: Torremolinos.
  • Volantona: Cockroach that flies.
  • Zorullo/zurullo: Excrement.

Now that you know the main words, terms and expressions of the province of Malaga, you can stroll down Calle Larios, or have some tapas at the Kraken Restaurant like a real Malagueño. Because there is no better way to visit a place than to do it as if you were a true local. What are you waiting for to get to know the people, culture, Traditions and festivities of the city of the Costa del Sol.?.